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The “Age” Old Question

By November 6, 2017No Comments

Leafing through the latest fashion magazines, or perusing the racks of our favorite store, we often ask ourselves that dreaded question….”am I too old to wear that?” Oh come on, it’s happened to all of us and at every decade, we reevaluate ourselves and pose that question.

It happened to me this past spring when the most adorable Rails linen dress was unboxed, I said “I have to have that” and then darkness fell on me! NO, it was knee length, it had a 4 inch ruffled hem, and a flouncy layered body. Under no circumstances would that be my best look; at 56, something else would surely be a better option.

In most cases when I’m asked that question by a client, I always give the same answer; let’s look at your figure, and is it appropriate for your shape. As many of our clients that are reaching their 40’s, 50’s , 60’s and even 70’s are in amazing shape. Eating right, exercising and an all over healthy lifestyle have made women look better with age. Having said that, if your confidence is in place, and your figure flatters the look, by all means you should wear it, or some version of it.

For example, I love distressed denim, but I’ll leave the giant rips and holes to the young girls, mine will be moderately distressed. Leggings with short shirts, well, I’m not sure that’s a good look on anyone, but a tunic over leggings transcends age. Ruffles on a mini dress, maybe not for me, but ruffles on a sleeve or neckline, accenting a jacket collar is positively ageless.

I think most of us want to look as good as we can as long and we can, and staying current will help us do that. If you’ve been a follower of fashion trends, that will not change with age, so follow the trends you love and remember, a moderate version of the trend might just be the ticket.