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My Love Affair with Denim

By October 23, 2017No Comments

As child of the 70’s I would have to say denim is in my DNA. Growing up in Miami, I can still remember the patchwork bellbottom jeans my mother and I purchased at a “denim” specialty store; I must have been all of 13! Of course that wasn’t the only pair I got that day, but those made an indelible mark on me.  I was an east coast transplant and I sure didn’t seem to have the right look when I arrived in Fort Myers. As a follower of fashion from an unusually young age, Levis weren’t going to cut for me! Not much has changed. My go to pant is almost always a new pair of jeans.  At Jennifer’s you will always find an extensive selection of denim.

This season’s denim is where you can really have some fun and definitely not say, “I already have a pair of jeans like that”

Whether it’s the newest washes, from the deepest navy with navy stitching, to the most destroyed, in baby soft blue, the shades and chemical washing make them uber-comfortable.

Detailing at the hemline is where you can set your personal preference. Trending now would be hem details; stepped hem (shorter in the front, longer in the back), ragged hemmed, softly fringed, thread bare, and of course bell cropped. You can take your pick.

While sophistication comes in many different ways, totally destroyed, big holes and ripped never qualify. What is sophisticated would be a released knee, with a peek a boo of skin, or some distressing strategically placed.

For a denim purist, some of the designers are bringing back a more rigid denim with less stretch, and a higher cotton content. One of my personal faves!

Elevated looks are popping up with embroidery, embellishments and velvet trims.

No matter your life style or age, this season’s MUST HAVE is a new pair (or 2, 3 or 4) of jeans.


About Jennifer’s
The Fort Myers women’s boutique was founded by Jennifer Williams in 1983. Jennifer’s offers subtle and timeless pieces that can be worn every day as well as sophisticated and simple fashions for the evening and special events. Jennifer’s is located at 13451 McGregor Boulevard at Cypress Lake Drive in the Cypress Square Shopping Center. For more information call 239-481-8582 or visit Jennifer’s online at on Facebook or Instagram. .