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Falling in love with Fall 2017

By October 23, 2017No Comments

Fall 2017 is about the fantastic four:

Four reasons to embrace the season’s newest looks.

One of the seasons hallmarks are ruffles, ruffles on blouse sleeves, shoulders, hemlines, jackets, pants, and even on denim. Do yourself a favor and invest in something with a ruffle, now more than ever women need a little femininity!

While some are baring it ALL, a more sophisticated trend of the season are cutouts. Most often of course seen at the shoulders, I was told once that the shoulders are the last to go on a women, so show them while you’ve still got them! Remember, sometimes what’s left to the imagination piques the most interest, and of course I don’t think there are any fillers for that area yet.

Hem details are where it’s at for fall 2017, and the more uneven, jagged, torn and stepped the hemline, the better. Gone are the days of revisiting your tailor because your hem was uneven. Denim is of course king in this department; you will see frayed, fringed, and destroyed hemlines on the seasons newest jeans. Knitwear will have stepped hems (front shorter, back longer) as will casual twill pants. Go ahead and have a little fun with this trend. Let’s never take ourselves too seriously.

Meowww…..feeling like the cat needs to be let out of the bag? Go ahead, and let her out, whether it’s a belt, a scarf, a shoe, or an animal print blouse, liven things up a bit with an animal print something. It could be a leopard, cheetah, tiger or even a snake print, pick one that suits you in your favorite color tones. Of course keeping it sophisticated, always pair it with black, chocolate, grey or navy.

Most of us have worn all of these trends in the past, but like most things, the newest trends always seem to have just the slightest twist the says: “I’m brand new.”

So go ahead and treat yourself to one or all of the fantastic four fall trends and have some fun with Fall 2017.