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Fancy Feet

By February 5, 2018No Comments

Have you ever gotten dressed for a special occasion or just a casual lunch and looked in the mirror and thought “I look pretty good”? Your eyes do a last minute scan and there it is! Those shoes just don’t work!

Living in Southwest Florida can sometimes dictate the wrong shoe choice. We all love our flip flops but we really needed to make an effort to dress it up a notch every now and then.

With comfort as our guide the offerings in footwear are limitless.

Classic pumps have never gone out of style, but today’s trends offer some quiet detail, maybe on the heel, or in the leather itself.

As with ready to wear, tassels and fringe are everywhere, and shoes are no exception. Leather, suede and raffia tassels are showing up on sandals, wedges, and heels.

As the athleisure trend is here with a vengeance, the footwear industry has responded with tennis shoes to wear with anything from sweatpants to a structured suit.

For those lazy ladies who just can’t stand the thought of buckling their shoe, a slide is a favorite; flat, wedge, or even kitten heals can be slipped on in a flash.

A long lasting trend that keeps on going season after season is the shoe boot. Whether you’re wearing cocktail dress, skirt, jeans or even shorts, you can’t go wrong with a spring booty with an open toe. This season’s hottest material, nubuck a spring/summer suede.

Showing off your pedicure is a must with an ornamented sandal; beads, grommets, chains and sequins are a staple for this season sandals.

Who on earth would have thought that the earthy cork shoe would be a true fashion trend? That’s right, those homely shoes we once thought were for people with “problem” feet are now T H E hottest trend. Cork bottom, Birkenstock-looking shoes are in all the fashion magazines, so go ahead and get yourself a comfort shoe that is actually on trend.

Remember, you have to look good from head to toe!