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I Love Hydrangeas

By March 4, 2017No Comments

I love hydrangeas, their hearty stalks and oversized blooms; however, living in southwest Florida, you just don’t see them. Hydrangeas and our environment are not very compatible; here, we have the colorful bougainvillea. Much like fall and winter fashion isn’t quite compatible with our warm sunny days; spring fashion trends say Southwest Florida.

The trends for the season are bountiful color; color in floral and geometric patterns, vivid color blocking, and stripes, vibrant citrus hues, pastels, nautical navy,  and especially this years must have, pink. Whether it’s daytime or evening, the spring palette will look great anywhere and anytime. And when those invitations arrive for special occasions, the season’s trends of off the shoulder looks, cut out backs and open or “cold” shoulders will be perfect for our balmy weather.

Pants are a Southwest Florida staple, and this season’s culottes, capris, and flowing palazzo pants will make a statement day or night. Gone are the days of one style to make your wardrobe current, this is an age of wearing what make you feel good, thus you will be a trend setter.

Never has fashion been so much fun as this year, we’ve traded serious black for navy; navy is everywhere, pants, shirts, jackets, accessories, shoes, and handbags. Navy had been in exile long enough. Fringe is a must have, and who can’t use a little pizazz with a fringe handbag, top, piece of jewelry or even a dress. Opposing the bohemian vibe of fringe, pearls which have been asleep on the fashion scene are back with a vengeance; pearl jewelry and accents are plentiful.

Dresses have made a comeback and what is cooler on a hot day then sliding on a dress of the smoothest silk or comfy micro fiber knit, a nude shoe, THE season’s hottest shoe color and heading out the door.

What says tropical climate like white? White is a Southwest Florida staple, and should be a wardrobe staple as well. White denim jeans would take you just about everywhere you have to go this season, shopping, dining, local fundraiser, or a night on the town. Pair it with this season’s hottest hues, a navy blazer, a fringe handbag, a pearl necklace, and nude shoe and you’ve hit the mark for this season.

Whether you’re wearing the trends for the first time, or like many of us, who can say, “I wore that in the 80’s,” have fun this season and find the looks that speak your language.

Jennifer Williams, owner of Jennifer’s

The Fort Myers women’s boutique was founded by Jennifer Williams in 1983.  Jennifer’s offers subtle and timeless pieces that can be worn every day as well as sophisticated and simple fashions for the evening and special events.  Jennifer’s is located at 13451 McGregor Boulevard at Cypress Lake Drive in the Cypress Square Shopping Center.  For more information call 239-481-8582 or visit Jennifer’s online at on Facebook or Instagram.  .