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The Key to Looking Good

By March 18, 2018No Comments

“I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down.” We are all familiar with the children’s story, The 3 Little Pigs. The only successful “little pig” that could withstand the big bad wolf had built his house out of bricks.

Much like that little pig, any great wardrobe requires a good foundation. On a shopping excursion of yesterday, one always visited the “foundation” department. That should be something we all do today. While the new fabrics today offer comfort and sleekness due to all the microfibers infused with lycra and spandex, undergarments are of the utmost importance. Proper undergarments can make a less the great fitting ensemble look better.

Gone are those elastic girdles and pointy Jane Russell bras. Today your options are limitless. Designers have taken heed and you’re no longer required to be uncomfortable. All the new fabrics offer movement and total comfort, no more ripping off your bra when you get home. Many of the undies today have no seams offering a smooth look under your pants or skirts. We have slips to smooth out the area between your bra and panties that of course skim the thigh. Keep in mind, wearing a thong under a loose fitting garment just might give the impression you have 2 puppies in a burlap bag following you! Bras of today offer wider straps for comfort and front closures for all the fitted knits we love so much.

While the word underwire might make you cringe, sagging will be a “downer” on your finished look. The new “girdle” of today no longer requires an aerobic workout to put them on, think sleek with comfortable movement.

When dressing today, look in the mirror, both front and back side to be sure your looking your best, from the inside out.