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Local Love

By June 17, 2019No Comments

As the temperatures heat up, I feel bittersweet at the changing season. Fall brings crispness in the air and an influx of our seasonal visitors. Summer brings heat and a much slower pace.

That slow pace affords me the opportunity to do something I love, run. This morning on my run, being it was recycling day in my neighborhood, I was awestruck by the number of Amazon boxes on the curbs. I do my best thinking while I am running, and those boxes brought to mind a sadness that seems to be an epidemic in our society, online shopping.

I know firsthand how busy life can be, and I am told the ease of online shopping is irresistible. I’ve owned Jennifer’s for almost 37 years and the thought of what happens within the walls of a store being replicated is of course, absurd.

I have been blessed to meet the most amazing people, customers, employees, vendors and service associates. I know my life wouldn’t be the same, having not been exposed to these people. So many relationships have been forged, and lives enriched by these interactions. I wonder, if in the not so distant future, will we all be in our own pods (homes) having everything delivered, everything from food, to toilet paper and entertainment, never leaving our pods to have human contact? Who will be there to share a smile, a quick story, simple hug or pat on the back? Will that be an online service as well? I refuse to slide down that slippery slope!

I will take the opportunity this summer to highlight some of the local places I love to go, the real live people that live, work, pay taxes and play in Fort Myers, the boots on the ground so to speak.

Here are some of my favorite places, maybe they are your favorite too. Or maybe they can become your favorite.

Breakfast, lunch, coffee or AMAZING baked goods! It has to be The Sweet Bean Cafe. I love the ability to sit outside. I mean, that’s why we live here, right? The patio is so inviting, and I love the staff. They are energetic, efficient, and always happy to see me. Keeping it local at Sweet Bean also affords me the opportunity to see people I know, which is always fun.

I never quite know what I will find at Gavin’s Ace Hardware. I might head in for one of their giant bags of bird seed and end up leaving with a greeting card and a new Yeti cup. The one thing I know I will ALWAYS find is help! They always seem to have several associates ready to answer any question and will call backup when necessary. Who needs a big box when Gavin’s has everything you need?

Let me know who your favorites are. You can email me at or message me on Facebook or Instagram