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New Year, New You

By January 29, 2018No Comments

How many Januarys have passed and we have made a litany of resolutions only to find we slip into our old patterns?

Let’s have 2018 be the year that at least your vow to clean out your closet and change your look actually happens.

Oh the security and comfort of not changing! Look at Jennifer’s, in the SAME LOCATION for 35 years! Who could imagine 2018 would begin with us in a new store, and new location?

As in most cases there comes a time when things just aren’t working anymore, maybe it’s those old jeans that don’t have the current cut, or that basic blazer that totally rocks the 80’s with wide shoulder pads. Whatever it is, look at your wardrobe with a discerning eye and make some changes.

Since we do most things top to bottom you should embark on your wardrobe the same way. Maybe you can’t change everything, but an updated blouse with a ruffled sleeve or a cold shoulder says 2018 all day long. Denim is such a fashion trend, couldn’t you use a fresh pair of jeans to dress up or down? My favorite would be a cropped flare, totally the newest look. Adorn your neck or ears with a special piece of jewelry that has a little color. Wear your new jewelry with an old blouse and your more than halfway to the new you. Vow to donate something every time you bring something new into your closet. There are so many wonderful charities that are in need of quality items, who doesn’t like to give back?

Change takes us out of our comfort zone and no one likes to be uncomfortable. Keeping that in mind, start the year off with a subscription for a fashion magazine. Peruse all the new looks and how they are put together and you may find the new trends aren’t as scary as they seem. A surefire way to embrace a new trend is to try it on while shopping. The more we see something, the more we become accustomed to it.  Go ahead let yourself go, and try something on that is completely out of your comfort zone.

Begin this new year with a fresh approach to fashion, and with so many varied trends something will surely strike your fancy.

 –  Jennifer