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Packing for an Adventure

By June 14, 2018No Comments

Summer is upon us and for many it’s our time to get away, the children are out of school, and our workload is less. Who doesn’t love to travel, see new places, visit family, and just get out of the heat?

Ahh, but the packing! Whether you’re traveling by plane and you have a weight restriction, or your journey is on land, and you have limited space, concise packing is essential.

In most travel situations, less is more. Keeping your packing restricted can be easy if you stick to a specific color scheme and work around that. Depending on your trip, choosing a neutral color a base; black, navy, grey or khaki, your choice, and everything else can play off of that. Always include a good jacket, or cardigan, given even in warm climates, buildings and restaurants are always cold. Denim can be a great travel option, as it can be dressed up or down. Dresses can serve multiple uses, day or night, depending on shoes and accessories. Layering is important in cooler climates as the days can become warmer, and evenings brisk. Additionally it affords you the opportunity to wear things multiple times.

Micro fibers are great for travel; they don’t wrinkle and many can be washed out in a bathroom sink and air dried. Packing with plastic or tissue paper can also help with wrinkling.

Accessories should be repeated for multiple occasions keeping it simple. Shoes tend to be the heaviest items, so if you can wear your bulkiest pair, you’re ahead of the game.

Investing in a great travel tote is essential. The tote can serve as your carry on, and you can use a small crossbody, kept in that tote while you travel, as your purse on the trip.

Enjoying your trip is much easier if your clothes all work together, and you’re not frustrated trying to put together disjointed garments that don’t make sense.

Plan ahead, stick to a specific color palette, layer, re wear items, especially dark colors, and your trip will be the focus, not your packing.