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Sale Shopping Savvy

By August 17, 2018No Comments

Since my earliest shopping experiences with my mother, sister and aunts, the sale rack has always been a point of interest! I can tell you most definitely my love for fashion and my style was passed down from my mother. As a follower of fashion trends, my mother taught me at an early age to buy the very best that I could afford.

As fashion has sped up with the advent of the computer and internet, the latest trends can be purchased at every price level. Buying inexpensive garments may work for some, but my advice is simply this, “DON’T DO IT”.”

Visit the best shops you can and shop their sale rack! Typically the sale rack offers the previous seasons trends, and we all know the trends move so quickly, who is really ready for wool and leather in July, no matter what state you live in!

Here are a few hints:

  • Always look for core basics that can go from season to season.
  • Don’t be afraid to spend a bit on alternations if your size isn’t available, it will be truly worth it, providing you have access to a good seamstress.
  • For the most part, stay with basic colors that aren’t hard to match with pieces already in your closet, however, if the markdown is considerable, trying a new trend can be fun, and you won’t feel so bad if it’s not something you love.
  • Having said that resist purchasing something just BECAUSE it is a large markdown, those things almost always end up collecting dust in your closet.
  • While combing the sale rack, check the size above and below yours as garments are sometimes missized thus being the only reason it landed on the sale rack!

Remember, there is no substitute for quality. Quality will provide superior fit and tailoring, better fabrics, and of course, will outlast its cheaper counterpart.