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What size do you wear?

By May 30, 2018No Comments

While on an afternoon shopping trip, you may be asked by a sales associate “what size do you wear”?

You may even say to yourself while shopping and looking at a particular garment, “hmm, I wonder what size I would need in this?” The answer to that proverbial question is as varied as the individual.

Like so much of the past, things were neat, orderly and as expected. Garments today just aren’t like that. Much of the sizing of a garment can have a lot to do with where it is manufactured. Garments that are made domestically tend to be cut fuller, and more generous. Pricing can as well have a significant effect on sizing; even the dying process can affect the sizing of a garment. Clothing that is garment dyed black tends to be cut smaller than the same garment in white.

When you’re investing in a new garment, the fit should be of the utmost concern. With the advent of social media and the internet, the hottest trends from the runways are seen at every price level for the mass consumer almost instantly. How that trend is tailored and how it fits tells the tale of a good garment.

While we all love “vanity” sizing, meaning a full cut garment requires you to go down a size or two, no one REALLY knows what size the garment is! The key to being well dressed and look good in your clothes is to wear a properly fitting garment.

Skinny jeans need to be just that, skinny (and tight), fitted dress pants should be close to the figure, not tight, a pencil skirt should be fairly fitted, showing your shape. So many garments have varied looks that you need to be aware of the appropriate fit, not what size the label says.

Just as no one knows our weight, no one will know what size your wearing, but they will notice if your clothes don’t fit well.

While on your next shopping trip, be confident in who you are, and how you look in what you’re trying on, not what SIZE it is!